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Every pill, oil & cream promises you a beard, but very few actually deliver those results.

That's why we created the Beard Activator Kit. It's the ultimate staple in your beard game that guarantees you a legit beard, or your money back. Our kit is the perfect beard companion, helping you grow new beard hairs, whilst strengthening & volumizing your beard.

It's so simple to use. Just 3 easy steps to a guaranteed beard growth.
Time to dump the empty promises!


The Beard Roller uses the science of Dermarolling to activate the bloodflow beneath the beard, stimulating better regeneration, and allowing deeper penetration of the Beard Activator to your hair roots.

Then comes our Beard Activator Serum. A key active ingredient is the CAPILIA LONGA, a naturally derived ingredient which increases hair density by up to 52% over 150 days. It broadens the bulb of the hair and also increases the thickness of the hair.

Combining the Beard Roller & Beard Activator together will give you amazing results!

Fast results in just 3 steps

Our Beard Activator Kit guarantees* you results in 3 simple steps:

1. Clean the Beard Roller with the Roller Spray before each use.

2. Roll your beard 10-15 times in each direction with the Beard Roller. Repeat twice a week.

3. Apply the beard serum daily to desired area, and allow it to absorb for at least 30 mins.

It's that easy!

*Guarantee applies to 3 Serum & 5 Serum Kits.


The Beard Activator Kit Includes:
1 x Beard Roller & Case
1 x Beard Activator Serum
1 x Beard Roller Spray
1 x Beard Comb

Beard Activator Serum Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Curcuma Longa Root, Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin, Niacinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Yeast Polypeptides, Arginine, Lysine, Histidine, Aspartic Acid, Threonine, Glutamic Acid, Serine, Butylene Glycol, Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol


Every Kit also receives a BONUS Beard Activator Serum valued at $54.

Offer for 1 week only.


With 150 day beard guarantee

5 Serum Beard Kit

With 150 day beard guarantee

3 Serum Beard Kit

No beard guarantee

1 Serum Beard Kit


Tools made for beard gains

The perfect tools for your Beard Growth journey

Fitzroy Grooming


Fitzroy Grooming


Fitzroy Grooming

Roller Spray


Do you still have questions?

Does the Beard Activator Kit actually work?

Yes. Our 3 step growth system is based on scientifically tested steps. Our Beard Roller uses the proven science of Derma-rolling to stimulate beard growth.

Our Beard Serum uses several active ingredients to ensure the best results. Our favourite is the naturally derived Capilia Longa, from the Tumeric plant. Studies have shown that it increases hair density by up to 52%.

Is the Beard Activator Kit right for me?

The Beard Activator Kit is suitable for men at any stage of their beard growth journey.

Just starting? This will help you grow your beard quicker! Been at it, but struggling with a patchy beard? This will help you fill in the gaps! Have a beard but looking to thicken it? This will help you with strengthening and thickening existing beard hairs.

There is one disclaimer though. If you have never had a beard hair on your face before, no matter how small, then it is likely that you are unable to grow a beard. To know if this is you, then just think, have I ever had to shave? If the answer is no, then we would not recommend this product for you as you are unlikely to be able to grow a beard.

How long does it take to see results?

Everyone is different. Some people will see results within a couple of months, and others up to 5 months. We recommend using the Beard Activator serum daily for 5 months, and the Beard Roller twice a week for 5 months.

What if I don’t see results?

If you purchase the 3 Serum or 5 Serum Beard Activator Kits, and you don’t get results within 150 days of using our Kits*, you get your money back. Just follow the instructions provided on using the product, and record your monthly progress. See here more details on our Beard Guarantee policy. *Please note, the Beard Guarantee only applies to the Beard Activator Kit with 3 Beard Serums, or more. It does not apply if you only purchase the Beard Activator Kit on its own, as the single serum will not last the full 150 days.

Will you really give me my money back?

Yes! Just make sure you follow the steps in our Beard Guarantee policy.

How long does the Beard Activator Kit last?

The Beard Activator Kit contains 1 x Beard Roller, 1 x Beard Activator Serum, 1 x Roller Spray, 1 x Beard Comb. The Beard Roller should be replaced approximately every 3 months to maintain effectiveness. The Beard Activator Serum lasts for an average of 45 - 60 days.

Is it safe to use?

Our formulation uses only safe & tested ingredients, including naturally derived active ingredients.

Our Beard Roller uses proven derma-roller technology to create micro-abrasions in the skins outer layer. It does not actually break the skin, it just helps to create small channels for the Beard Activator Serum to be better absorbed. In the case that you have an existing skin condition, please consult your skin care specialist first.

How long does shipping take?

Australian shipping takes between 1 - 5 business days on average.
NZ Shipping is between 3 - 7 business days.
International shipping is between 6 - 27 business days, depending on carrier capacity, customs & other factors.

You will receive a tracking number to track your order from our warehouse to your door.

It does work

The quality of the kit is a lot better then I first expected! Not only does it work, it feels good AND smells good!!
Sam, Warners Bay

26 Aug 21'

On my second order

now received my 2nd order. works well and not oily
Bill, Concord

2 Feb 22'

My husband Loves it!

My husband has used it every night so far and he loves your product, he has recommended it a few friends and family already!
Sarah, Rangari

15 Sep 21'

No complaints

Pretty good and felt a different to my skin straight away id recommend
Men's Skin Care Kit
Bev, Townsville

20 Jan 22'

Already seeing results

I've started using them and I fell like I'm already seeing some results. Wanted to get one for a while and decided to bite the bullet.
Luke, Mooroolbark

11 Sep 21'

Smells Great

Great products Works & Smells good.
Men's Skin Care Kit
Andrew, Hawthorn

12 Jan 22'

Will order again

Have used this product before, always with success. Will be ordering again soon.
John, Seaford

15 Sep 21'

Get on it

the service is good the cleanzers quality
Mic, Fawkner

15 Dec 21'

5 Star

it's good for breakouts. moisturiser smells like orange-lime
VJ, Modbury

10 Dec 21'

Quick Results

My son took it off me before I can even open it. He loves it and has seen amazing results.
Bassam, Sydney

4 Sep 21'

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