Yes. Our 3 step growth system is based on scientifically tested steps. Our Beard Roller uses the proven science of Derma-rolling to stimulate beard growth.

Our Beard Serum uses several active ingredients to ensure the best results. Our favourite is the naturally derived Capilia Longa, from the Tumeric plant. Studies have shown that it increases hair density by up to 52%.
The Beard Activator Kit is suitable for men at any stage of their beard growth journey.

Just starting? This will help you grow your beard quicker! Been at it, but struggling with a patchy beard? This will help you fill in the gaps! Have a beard but looking to thicken it? This will help you with strengthening and thickening existing beard hairs.

There is one disclaimer though. If you have never had a beard hair on your face before, no matter how small, then it is likely that you are unable to grow a beard. To know if this is you, then just think, have I ever had to shave? If the answer is no, then we would not recommend this product for you as you are unlikely to be able to grow a beard.
Everyone is different. Some people will see results within a couple of months, and others up to 5 months. We recommend using the Beard Activator serum daily for 5 months, and the Beard Roller twice a week for 5 months.
If you don’t get results within 150 days of using our Beard Activator Kit*, you get your money back. Just follow the instructions provided on using the product, and record your monthly progress. See here more details on our Beard Guarantee policy.

*Please note, the Beard Guarantee only applies to the Beard Activator Kit with 3 Beard Serums, or more. It does not apply if you only purchase the Beard Activator Kit on its own, as the single serum will not last the full 150 days.
Yes! Just make sure you follow the steps in our Beard Guarantee policy here.
The Beard Activator Kit contains 1 x Beard Roller, 1 x Beard Activator Serum, 1 x Roller Spray, 1 x Beard Comb.

The Beard Roller should be replaced approximately every 3 months to maintain effectiveness. The Beard Activator Serum lasts for an average of 45 - 60 days.
Our formulation uses only safe & tested ingredients.

Our Beard Roller uses proven dermaroller technology to create micro-abrasions in the skins outer layer. It does not actually break the skin, it just helps to create small channels for the Beard Activator Serum to be better absorbed.

In the case that you have an existing skin condition, please consult your skin care specialist first.
Our Beard Activator Kit has been designed and formulated for use on the beard, and to encourage beard growth. Whilst it is safe to use on the head, we cannot guarantee results.
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