Fitzroy Grooming is extremely proud to be offering customers a Beard Guarantee. We don’t believe men should be paying for beard growth products which don’t work for them.

For that reason, any beard grower who purchases one of our Beard Guarantee certified kits - either the 3 serum kit, or the 5 serum kit - is able to claim the beard guarantee based on the 3 simple steps below.

Please read below the 3 short steps to follow in order to qualify for the guarantee.

1. You need to commit to using the Beard Serum daily, and the Beard Roller twice a week, as directed, for 150 days.
2. You need to submit a photo of your beard every month using our online form*, for 150 days. The first photo needs to be submitted on day 0.
3. You need to complete our claim form* within 30 days of having completed the above steps.

The claim will be assessed by our team based on the photos you’ve sent in. If there is no obvious improvement
in the number of hairs or thickness of hairs, then you will receive a full refund on your purchase.

Please note, this claim can only be made once per customer.

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