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Fitzroy Grooming
Fitzroy Grooming
Fitzroy Grooming
Fitzroy Grooming

What is included?

Fitzroy Grooming


Fitzroy Grooming

Beard Roller

Fitzroy Grooming

Roller Spray

Fitzroy Grooming

Beard Comb

It does work

The quality of the kit is a lot better then I first expected! Not only does it work, it feels good AND smells good!!
Sam, Warners Bay

26 Aug 21'

On my second order

now received my 2nd order. works well and not oily
Bill, Concord

2 Feb 22'

My husband Loves it!

My husband has used it every night so far and he loves your product, he has recommended it a few friends and family already!
Sarah, Rangari

15 Sep 21'

No complaints

Pretty good and felt a different to my skin straight away id recommend
Men's Skin Care Kit
Bev, Townsville

20 Jan 22'

Already seeing results

I've started using them and I fell like I'm already seeing some results. Wanted to get one for a while and decided to bite the bullet.
Luke, Mooroolbark

11 Sep 21'

Smells Great

Great products Works & Smells good.
Men's Skin Care Kit
Andrew, Hawthorn

12 Jan 22'

Will order again

Have used this product before, always with success. Will be ordering again soon.
John, Seaford

15 Sep 21'

Get on it

the service is good the cleanzers quality
Mic, Fawkner

15 Dec 21'

5 Star

it's good for breakouts. moisturiser smells like orange-lime
VJ, Modbury

10 Dec 21'

Quick Results

My son took it off me before I can even open it. He loves it and has seen amazing results.
Bassam, Sydney

4 Sep 21'

Roll your beard 2 - 3 times a week

The Fitzroy Grooming beard roller uses the science of dermarolling to create small & safe abrasions along your beard area.

Don't worry it doesn't hurt or cut the skin in any visible way. These tiny abrasions create channels that activate the bloodflow beneath the beard, stimulating better regeneration, and allows deeper penetration of our beard growth serum to reach your hair rootes.

Our Beard Roller boasts 540 Titanium Needles, 0.3mm in length. This is the recommended length for beard growth.

Apply your beard serum daily

Grow a thicker, fuller beard!

Packed with naturally derived active ingredients including Capillia Longa & Biotin. The Beard Activator strengthens existing beard hair, and helps to stimulate the growth of new beard hair.

Studies of our active ingredient have shown it to achieve a 52% increase in hair density over 150 days.

For fast results use with our Beard Roller.

What's the go with the roller spray?

KEEP YOUR TOOLS BACTERIA FREE! Our 15ml Beard Roller Spray is designed to keep your Fitzroy Grooming Beard Roller clean and bacteria free.

Just apply the Roller Spray on the Beard Roller and wait 30 seconds for it to kill all the bacteria. And that’s it, you’re good to go!

Follow these steps before using your Beard Roller each time.
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